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24/7 Emergency Services

Our team is mobile and fully-equipped to offer 24/7 emergency services. From chip car key programming & replacement to emergency locks rekey and repairs, we help our customers as soon as possible

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Auto Locksmith

services including steering wheel, trunk and car door unlocking, chip car keys programming and replacement, locks change, and car lock repairs

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Commercial Locksmith

We provide professional commercial locksmith services and cover the needs of small and big companies by offering fast response lock repair and also commercial lock rekey, installation, and replacement services

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Locksmith Glen Ellyn

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The experience of our mobile professionals is vast and highlights our ability to help customers in need of good locksmith services. We serve people 24/7 and offer full services, ranging from unlocking car doors, trunks and safes to changing locks and programming car keys

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Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Zip code: 60137

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We accept Cash, credit card, etc.
We unlock car doors and steering wheels, open locked trunks and stuck safes, replace and extract keys, offer transponder key programming, change and install locks, rekey deadbolts and offer lock repair services. Our company is 24/7 and offers fast mobile services

Keep your property secure by using our professional locksmith services. Our company has long-term experience in the industry and offers a full range of solutions. Whether there is a need for repairing or replacing a lock or a key, let us to do the job perfectly in the shortest possible time. When you decide to make improvements to the security of your property, hire us to get an advanced and reliable solution. We install the most innovative locks, deadbolts and safes. Our services are designed for all types of buildings including homes and offices and for vehicles as well. If you have trouble with the transponder vehicle key or lock, allow us to resolve it. Count on getting emergency assistance from us at any time of the day or night. With us, you will always get the best solution swiftly.

There is no issue that our company cannot resolve. Our mobility and large capacity enable us to help any customer without delay regardless of his location. Each one of our technicians is fully facilitated to resolve any kind of problem on the spot. In case of lost car key, the vehicle's door will be opened straight away with the use of a safe and reliable technique. The ignition will be rekeyed so as to prevent the use of the missing device for starting the engine. Then a new car key will be made for you. Only the best components and the finest key cutting equipment are used for achieving perfection. Our company in Illinois offers the most effective solutions for every problem. The current issue is resolved and the risk of future ones is reduced to the possible minimum.

We have our special ways to make you feel secure again

You do not have to wait for a problem to grow and turn into an emergency before you report it to us. Our lock repair service includes full inspection of the lockset and of the keys used for operating it as well. This enables us to pinpoint the cause of the issue precisely. Our technicians use only advanced repair techniques with proven effectiveness for restoring the condition and operation of both locks and keys. It is our commitment to use only the finest precision tools. They are excellently maintained as well. This is how even the smallest components are fixed and adjusted to work properly. We are fully stocked on replacement parts as well. Each one of them has been especially chosen for its properties and durability. Thanks to all of these factors our solutions are foolproof.

Our professional solutions go well beyond repair and rekeying. When a lock is severely damaged, broken or outdated, it will be replaced with a new one. Rest assured that we will never implement a solution which is partial or has short-lasting results. Our goal has always been to optimize the security of the property to the highest possible level. When there is a need for car, home or office lock change, our customer has the opportunity to select a device in line with his particular needs. Our job is to provide all the information and advice required for making the best choice. Once this is done, the lock is fitted into place securely and tested to confirm that it works as it is supposed to.

Locksmith Services in Illinois

The most important thing that you have to do is to report an existing issue to us right away. Even if you notice the smallest signs, you should let us know so as to avoid getting into even greater trouble. There is always someone to answer your questions professionally and to provide the solution that you require. You simply need to ask.

* How come I cannot insert the key all the way into the lock? If the lock is outside, this could be due to freezing. It is also possible for dust, sticky dirt or a tiny object to have got inside the keyway, but this is less likely. The cylinder or the key blade could be damaged. The lockset will be fully inspected and repaired. If the cylinder or the key is damaged beyond repair, the item will be replaced.

* Why do I have to press the transponder key button harder to open the car? The issue may be with the button itself, with the transmitter or with the receiver inside the vehicle. The first step of our work involves detailed check and testing for pinpointing the cause of the problem. Then the malfunctioning component will be repaired.

* How can I protect my home in case of lost house key? Our technician will inspect the affected door lock first. If it is in good condition and provides a good level of security, it will be rekeyed so that it can be used only with the new set of keys provided by us. If it is not, it will be replaced with a new device which is durable, reliable and sufficiently advanced.

With us, you will always get the best solutions to issues related with the condition and operation of locks and keys. Our company specializes in improving the security of homes, offices and vehicles as well. Whether you have purchased a new house or want to give your business assets greater protection, let us do the work from start to finish. The current level of security of the property will be evaluated for determining the precise measures for improvement which will be taken. Our solutions range from the installation of advanced digital locks to the setup of master key systems of any size and degree of complexity.

Our job is to present the options for door security improvement available to you and to assist you with making the best choice. You will receive full professional consultation. It will cover all important points that require your attention.Locksmith Glen Ellyn, Illinois

* Technology - Now you can select from mechanical and electronic locks. The latter require the entry of a code with the use of a numeric keypad for unlocking. Once you enter the correct code, the chip will recognize it and signal the electric motor to withdraw the bolt from the strike plate. With electronic devices, rekeying involves simply changing the access code. There is no risk of key loss.

* Design - When selecting a mechanical lock, you need to pay close attention to the number of pins of the cylinder. While five is the norm, devices with six pins are harder to pick. The size of the bolt is important for both mechanical and electronic devices. The longer and thicker it is the lower the chance of forceful opening it.

* Make - The lockset must have solid make. It should be resistant to the damaging effects of the elements and to forceful impact as well. Strong metals such as brass and steel with rust resistant properties are fine choices.

* Quality - The quality of a locking device depends on a wide range of factors. It is best if it has undergone independent testing and comes with a standard grade for quality. It is essential for the entire lockset to have received a top grade and not just some of its components.

Once you have made the right choice, our technician will set the lock securely in place. Our company has the capacity to carry out larger projects involving a great number of doors. The lock installation process will be carefully planned and organized so that the job is completed swiftly and without any hitches. Just like all of our services, the installation includes testing of the device once it is set in place. The technician will ensure that the key turns smoothly and that the bolt enters the hole of the strike plate without touching any of the sides. You will enjoy the highest possible level of security and maximum convenience as well.

Entrust us, at "Locksmith Glen Ellyn", with the repair and replacement of your locks. We have everything necessary to deliver the best result in the shortest time from expert knowledge and advanced technical skills to modern equipment and materials and spare part of the highest quality. Expect the fastest response from us in any kind of situation and especially in an emergency. Choose our company to achieve the high level of security that you require and to keep it in the long term.

We are experienced locksmiths who travel fully-equipped, and provide emergency services in the zip code 60137 area. We cover residential, commercial and auto lock and key needs professionally.

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