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Name one person with no questions about locks! You surely have plenty and we guarantee that the following answers to some frequently asked questions about keys and locks will help you.

Broken Key in the Lock? Emergency Extraction & Replacement 24/7

  • What do I do when the key is stuck in the lock?

    If you can't remove the key from the door lock, try to move it right and left but be gentle. You don't want to break it and add to your problems. So, don't put any force. Try turning it or even moving it back and forth. Some lubricants sprayed in the keyhole could help. It takes time and patience and repeated efforts.

  • Why car chip keys are special?

    New age car security technology protects your vehicle from thieves. The car keys contain a chip, which is like a tiny computer. The chip communicates with the central system of your car's lock with special codes. Every time you put the key in the ignition, the brain of the system gets the message that the key is right and the engine turns on. In a different case, it won't start. It's an anti-theft technology.

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