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Interested in getting some fresh ideas on how to deal with damaged locks and what to do when the key gets stuck in the lock? Take a look of the following tips! Read some excellent suggestions and discover the best ways to hide keys and how to make the right decisions

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  • Rekeying is a mistake in case of an outdated lock

    The purpose of rekeying is to prevent the old keys from being used. This is a solution for preventing burglars from getting in by using a lost key. However, when the lock is in bad condition and can be overcome with a single blow or a common technique like picking, rekeying won’t provide protection. Lock replacement is the better solution.

  • Rekey the locks when keys are lost

    Most people replace their keys if they're lost and that's absolutely fine if you're one hundred percent sure your keys are truly lost (fallen down the drain or forgotten in your mom's house in another state). If you don't know where they were lost, it's best to rekey the door locks. By rekeying the locks you're getting a brand new key. So, if someone finds your original key or has actually stolen it from you, he won't have access to your home.

  • Stop hiding car keys in the car

    It's smart having a spare auto chip key with you. Though, it's wrong to keep it in the car. Don't put it in the glove compartment or try to find the best hiding place inside the vehicle. The point is not to keep it out of sight but to be able to use it if you are locked out of your car. You won't be able to do so if the key is in the car. So, keep it on you!

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